Pink Floyd Drop ‘Final Show’ Bombshell News


Pink Floyd’s official Twitter account tweeted out the following picture recently. The photo is actually a ticket stub from Pink Floyd’s final full-length concert that took place at the Earls Court in London, England. Pink Floyd recently revealed this heartbreaking Roger Waters alcohol photo.

The account wrote: “25 years ago today, the Floyd’s final full-length concert took place at London’s Earls Court. As Wish You Were Here started, as a bit of end-of-tour fun, the backing singers (dressed as cleaners) began sweeping the stage, without warning the rest of the band!”

In other news regarding Pink Floyd, fans of the group on Facebook debated the band’s final album ‘The Endless River’ and it’s legacy.Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour was called ‘mean’ by this TV host.

Veronica stated: ” I’m wishing it all ended like that, with glorious music, not with [Nick] Mason touring ancient songs at his old age and Gilmour auctioning the Black Strat to give millions to “environmental lawyers”, whatever that is. So silly to see them turned into system puppets, those guys have been my life soundtrack. And now they’re selling the leftovers for a Rockefeller price.”

Whereas Michael said: ” Final album? All the best bands are doing this now. I totally understand and what a perfect album to do it with. I’m going to miss Pink Floyd I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd ever since Another brick in the wall part 2 came out in 1978. Happy retirement Dave Gilmour and the rest of the band. I’ve enjoyed the long road that we’ve left behind.”This Pink Floyd icon revealed how he was brutally turned down by a secretary.