Pink Floyd Reveal Heartbreaking Roger Waters Alcohol Photo


Pink Floyd‘s official twitter account tweeted out the following picture. The picture is actually a throwback picture of Roger Waters enjoying a nice, cold, adult beverage with fellow Pink Floyd alumni Syd Barrett heading to Copenhagen, Denmark on a ferry back in 1967. You can view the photo below. Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour was called ‘mean’ by this TV host.

In other news regarding Pink Floyd fans of the group discussed their thoughts on the 1969 concert melody ‘The Man and the Journey’ in a new discussion within the group’s subreddit.

IceTheNice put: “The Man and The Journey was a 1969 concert melody that Pink Floyd performed from March 27th to September 24th. It featured early versions of songs from UmmaGumma and More, some unreleased songs, and other songs from the groups’ discography put together and re-worked into a melody. This Pink Floyd icon revealed how he was brutally turned down by a secretary.

I’ve recently begun to enjoy it. The versions of songs like Cymbaline and Granchester Meadows greatly surpass the studio recordings. Other songs like the early version of Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast or The Grand Vizier’s Garden May not be better, but it’s a great way to see how they developed.

I think the performances are all great, and I’m starting to prefer it over The Wall. But that’s just me.

For those who want to listen, you can either find the various Bootlegs of different shows or listen to the version on the 1969 part of The Early Years.

Tommyball said: “I love it. I found a ROIO of it at some random record store in New England in the 90s and bought it because I’d never heard of it. I got hooked. As you said, the live versions of the familiar studio tracks are awesome. I highly recommend it.”

ClassicalBridge stated: “I’d kind of like to see it as a proper, constructed studio album with all that yummy Hammond work, those trippy synths, those howling guitar solos, smooth slides, deep bass, light rides, and driving hi-hats. In other words, if the Floyd fleshed it out with their hallmark sound.” Roger Waters made a new ridiculous money demand.