Red Hot Chili Peppers Ex-Guitarist ‘Sick’ Hospital Photo Leaks


With Red Hot Chili Peppers recently bringing back John Frusciante to replace Josh Klinghoffer, many fans have been talking about Dave Navarro’s 1998 Chili Peppers exit again, when he was also replaced by a returning John Frusciante. Navarro recently posted a new photo in a hospital with his doctor. Flea revealed a few days ago why Josh Klinghoffer really ‘left’ Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“When they told me the hat would make my trip to the dentist more enjoyable, I’m pretty sure they were lying. Thanks to Dr Segovia for making me not only feel tremendous pain but for also including humiliation! KIDDING! You’re the best pal!”

A fan asked, “Did you get a gold grill?” Navarro responded, “They let me have a pewter one to wear around for a while and see how I take to it. Looks siiiiiiiiick yo.”

Navarro also recently posted, “Sending love and support for @inkmaster family alumni @robbieripoll – I don’t know all the facts here but I just wanna send our brother positivity, and maybe you guys can too! Best of luck pal!

As with everything in the world, almost, there are inherent risks. Suspension is a very sacred practice and is safe. In the same breath, it’s considered safe to get into a car and belt up and drive. It pretty much is, but ya never know bizarre things happen. Robbie’s attitude is super positive and focused. I appreciate everyone sending him a virtual hug.

RepostBy @robbieripoll: ‘Thank you @inkedmag for shedding some light on my recent injury and even more recent right lower leg amputation I’m facing this Friday. I can’t believe the overwhelming loving response we’ve gotten from everyone. Thank you all so much for loving, supporting, donating, or sharing the fundraiser. This is going to be one hell of a journey that I must face.’ (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage).” Dave Navarro revealed his heartbreaking final Scott Weiland photo a few weeks ago.