Red Hot Chili Peppers Singer Brutally Rejected At Bar


During a recent interview with the YouTube show, As It Lays, Red Hot Chili Peppers founding member Anthony Kiedis discussed several random, irreverent questions from the host. Here, Kiedis reveals how he got a one-time banning from West Hollywood’s Rainbow Bar and Grill. Kiedis also revealed the sad reason he met an ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist. Alternative Nation transcribed Kiedis’ comments.

Host: Is there any place you’ve been where you aren’t allowed back?

Kiedis: I did get eighty-sixed from The Rainbow Bar and Grill when I was sixteen but eventually they had to lift the ban. It’s a true story. Also, Canada wasn’t that happy inviting me into their country for a while [Kiedis shrugs]. You know, the most polite place on Earth and then they weren’t asking me to come back but all things must pass. [Kiedis sighs]

Kiedis later discussed a quote he loves from ‘Venom’ star Tom Hardy, and what he enjoys doing on quiet days at home. Kiedis’ former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist also recently dropped a reunion bombshell.

Host: Is there something that you love most about your home?

Kiedis: What Tom Hardy said: “Being alone in your house with your snacks is a greatly undervalued experience.” We, me, bitch and moan and get all anxious, twisted, neurotic and sociopathic and hey, I’m just home alone peacefully with some snacks. So, I like the snacks but of course, my roommate is my favorite thing about my house. He’s eleven and we share the same last name.

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