Ringo Starr Reveals What Almost Killed Paul McCartney


The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has revealed if what almost killed Paul McCartney, and potentially all of The Beatles for that matter as in a new interview with ClashInterview the famed drummer tells the story of a fire that had the potential to go a bit too far. The transcribed comments can be view below. Ringo Starr revealed if Bob Dylan is a liar a couple of days ago.

Interviewer: I recently interviewed Robbie Robertson…

Ringo: Did he mention me? (Laughs)

Interviewer: No, but we were discussing how The Band’s second album was recorded in a house in LA and he was saying that recording at home wasn’t an accepted method in 1969, and his label had said that they were crazy. It’s like, why wouldn’t you make music in comfortable surroundings? Ringo Starr humiliated Paul McCartney in this horrible photo.

Ringo: I know! Yeah. Well, you know, The Beatles tried that [for the ‘Let It Be’ sessions] in Savile Row. We built a studio. We were tired of [Twickenham studios], that big empty room – we’d all be in the corner – and we thought, ‘We’re gonna make it relaxing.’ So we had a settee, and we had big chairs, we had a fireplace, and so, ‘Alright, take one!’ (Mimes drumming.) And then, ‘Okay, play it back.’ And we went, ‘What…? What the…?’ (Makes cracking noises.) Shit was burning in the fire and cracking! We never even thought of it! (Laughs) So, we had to put the fire out! (Laughs) ‘Oh yeah, this is so great here!’ (Cracking noises.) ‘What’s on the track? What’s going on?’ It was the fire! Ringo Starr reveals how John Lennon made him cry.