Rush Singer Geddy Lee Rant At Book Signing Revealed


Rush frontman Geddy Lee had quite the encounter with a fan during one of his book tour stops the other day, discussing a horrible call at a baseball game. The incident was recalled by a fan, whose real name has not been revealed on the official Rush subreddit. This Rush singer made a bold Rock Hall of Fame demand recently.

Geddy Lee revealed this 2020 tour offer the other day. The fan, going by the username ‘GeddyLee1’ on the social media site described the Rush singer as a ‘mellow’ as well as ‘ cordial’. The full exchange, as told by the fan himself can be viewed below.

“The Fan: Hi Geddy, how’s it going, eh?

Geddy [Lee]: Good.

Fan: Thanks for all the great tunes and inspiration.

Geddy: Thank you.

Fan: [I] Miss the band and hope to hear you “slappin’ da bass” sometime again soon.

Geddy: Smirk…don’t forget your phone.”

Fellow Rush lovers responded to this monumental exchange in the subreddit thread, some even recalling their own personal experiences in meeting the Rush icon. Fellow Reddit user Trashbuckets shared their story: “Met him too. I took it as a chance to ask him the age-old mystery of who the narrator was for ‘The Necromancer.’ A lot of people think it’s Neil [Peart] since he is known for doing the voice on Subdivisions but Geddy [Lee] said it was Terry Brown.”

Geddy Lee viciously called this Rush bandmate a ‘rat.’ Justbecause2112 discussed talking sports with Lee. “[I] just finished meeting him in Austin, Texas. What a great day it was. I discussed baseball with him. Asked him how he felt on the controversial first base call. He said it was a bullshit rule. He went for the Nationals because they use to be the [Montreal] Expos.”