Rush Singer ‘Last Photo’ Before Neil Peart Died Leaks


Neil Peart and Rush superfan KristyBOkie took to social media via Twitter recently to post this picture of her husband and iconic rock bassist and Rush member Geddy Lee. This photo, which you can view below was taken just mere weeks before the death of legendary Rush drummer Neil Peart. Rush Singer ‘painful’ Neil Peart memorial photo leaks.

Fans of the late Neil Peart took to the prominent Rush message board, TheRushForum to eulogize Peart and reflect on how much he meant to them. One user, ibTnJohn said:

Neil had the power of the best rock drummers, but the discipline to hold back. Speed, cross sticking and technical ability of the best jazz drummers. An understanding of melody and form and time and rhythm and the knowledge to know how to balance ridiculous ability and the musicality of a song. His solos were works of art unmatched in their time. He rewrote the musical vocabulary of drumming, and his influence is all around. Those who don’t fully appreciate philosophy and science and art and love and beauty and how it applies to the best in humanity will never appreciate the words he wrote. He avoided the cheap rhyme, never took the easy word, always thought in layers and concept. There is a crisp and distinct difference in my lyrics pre and post-Rush influence. I loved his books — yes, he’s an author. I have several signed copies of his travel logbooks.”

John Bonham ‘disrespected’ Neil Peart before Rush death. The user also said: “I can’t explain the depth of his influence on me. Obviously, things like the sticks I use to play, the DW and Roland drums I chose, the snare sound I prefer, the lyrics I write. But there’s much more. The philosophy I’ve read. Numerous friendships and friend circles directly and indirectly caused by a shared love of Rush’s music, or Neil’s words. Including some of you. Late-night discussions over the real meaning of a song like “Grand Designs” or what we would say to him if we ever did meet him. “Driven” was my theme song in the mid-’90s and it fueled some permanent changes in my life. There’s no way you can truly know me and say you haven’t heard me mention Rush (or Toto).”

The user concluded by saying: “Journey and Heart taught my musical heart. Toto taught my musical soul. but Rush taught my musical brain. Rush taught me not only to break typical formulas but that we should create our own. Neil was the mentor I never met. My sensei. Thank you, Neil.” Rush employee reveals if Neil Peart ‘gave up’ before death.