Slash Brother Claims LGBT Icon Wanted David Bowie


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash’s brother Ash has claimed that LGBTQ community icon and Geffen Records founder David Geffen had a crush on David Bowie and wanted to date him. Slash recently revealed a gross Gene Simmons photo.

Ash wrote in an Instagram comment, “David Geffen wanted to F*** David Bowie at the time my moms boyfriend was David Bowie.” He made the comment on a photo he posted in honor of Heidi Fleiss’ father, who passed away. He wrote about Fleiss’ Dad, “Heidi Fleiss dad was my child hood doctor for many years. Dr Fleiss RIP!”

deadrabbitart commented, “Dude one of my closest friends lived next door to them.. RIP dr. Fleiss.. up in los feliz..” Ash commented, “Practice was on Wilshire Blvd.” deadrabbitart responded, “@ashfoto he also had a practice on Hillhurst in Los Feliz.. right across the street from the Rustic Inn.. it was a an old house converted into a doctors office super cool dude.. man.”

A Guns N’ Roses icon revealed a few weeks ago who fired Axl Rose. Numerous Guns N’ Roses ‘Chinese Democracy’ era recordings have surfaced in recent weeks, including early 1999 versions of several songs, including versions with Josh Freese on drums, and the song “Hard School” also known as “Jackie Chan.”

Another snippet of “Atlas Shrugged” also surfaced, though the entire song still remains unreleased despite numerous teases over the years. Could Axl Rose rework the song with Slash and Duff McKagan on the new Guns N’ Roses that fans are hoping to see released in 2020? We’ll have to wait and see! A Guns N’ Roses member dropped a Brad Pitt bombshell last month.