Slipknot Singer Rumored Big Name Replacement Revealed


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor almost fronted a very surprising band! During a new interview with Pitcam, the boys over at the hair metal-inspired rocker group Steel Panther revealed how none other than Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor was actually a hair’s length away from joining the band. Corey Taylor’s ‘Ruthless’ video angers Slipknot fans. As Steel Panther vocalist Michael Starr explains:

This Slipknot member was knocked out in a recent sad alcohol video [was it Corey Taylor?] “We’ve done a song with him, it’s called ‘Death to All But Metal.’ He sang with us several times, and we’ve had him. He was actually gonna replace me because Satchel got mad at me for something. And he came in to sing, but then Slipknot called him back, and Satchel couldn’t pay him as much as he wanted.”

Fellow bandmate and bassist Satchel came into the conversation adding this:

“I did do a song with Corey, it was a tribute to Dio, we did ‘Rainbow in the Dark,’ he sang on ‘Rainbow in the Dark’ and I did the solo, and it came out killer.”

In other Slipknot headlines, fans of the band were discussing what their favorite Slipknot screams were on the band’s subreddit.

curtysquirty replied: “EEERRGGGGG I DON’T WANNA DO THIS ANYMORE”- the shape. The final “I” screamed in the last chorus of metabolic. “I guess I got what I wanted”- the final part of Solway Firth. The high, unintelligible screams Corey does during the climax of Iowa. One part just sounds like he’s saying fuck over and over again. It’s some of the most disgusting vocals he’s ever recorded”

MisterGallant stated: “UGHHHH… DEATH IS FINE, GIMME MINE”, “D-STTTTRRRROOOYYYY” (the shape), the scream midsection of metabolic, the breakdown “Moottthhheeeeeeerrr… FUK……EEERRRRR” scream from eyeless, “LIIIIIAAAARRRR” and “WATCH THIS!” Not the most brutal, but lots of energy and goes perfect with the music transcribed Steel Panther’s comments.