Steven Tyler ‘Done’ With Aerosmith In Backstage Photo


Acclaimed Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler wants you to all know that he is ‘done.’ Done with mirrors! A reference to Tyler’s classic 1985 studio album as part of Aerosmith. Here, Tyler posted a photo of him next to a mirror with the written message: “What happens here… happens.” You can view it below. Steven Tyler family recently made this disturbing death claim.

In other news regarding Aerosmith and Steven Tyler fans took to social media to relive the legacy and impact of the group’s aforementioned eighth studio album, Done With Mirrors. Steven Tyler confirmed this new Aerosmith drummer the other day.

One reviewer wrote: “After the Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay era, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford return to the fold for Done With Mirrors, an album which, unfortunately, was overlooked by the one which followed it, Permanent Vacation. That is a damn shame, as this one is more akin to the Aerosmith of 73-76, whereas Vacation lumbers to far from the ass-kicking guitar of Perry and Whitford, the swinging rhythm of bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer and last but not least, the filthy, smart-assed lyrics of singer Steven Tyler. Done With Mirrors may not have been as big as its follow-up, but it is without question the better album. Not perfect, but good enough for Aerosmith’s first full studio album with the five original members since 1977’s Draw The Line.”

Where as another fan-reviewer put: “I guess I should really say 3 and a half, because I don’t feel like I can compare it to the first four or even the first six albums. But I feel like it’s unfairly maligned. Everybody had some drug problems, they made an album (Rock In A Hard Place) that some people don’t even consider a “real” Aerosmith album, then you get this. Right before they started the big shift to young lust with Permanent Vacation, they crank out a raw, dirty little album that everyone soon forgot about. If you love Night In the Ruts, as I do, you might at least like this album. Dive bar rock, for better or worse.Steven Tyler love letter to A-list actor was recently revealed.