Steven Tyler Girlfriend Reveals ‘Worst’ Drug Used


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s ex-girlfriend, Bebe Buell, recently penned a lengthy tribute to her former dear friend, Ric Ocasek, the deceased frontman of the legendary pop rock band The Cars. Buell and the Aerosmith frontman are the parents of Liv Tyler.

Aerosmith reveal why Steven Tyler ‘replaced’ bandmate. Bebe wrote: “The next thing I knew, I was in the recording studio and Ric was producing me. It was at The Record Plant in NYC that I put on my first pair of headphones or “cans,” as we called them, and heard the sound of my own voice coming back at me through the speakers. There was no other feeling like it. Right up there with a first kiss and a first acid trip! Surreal and perfect! Steven Tyler reveals huge ‘size’ to women in photo.

I formed my first band in Portland, Maine. It’s the East Coast Portland Oregon and only a two-hour drive from Boston, the East Coast Seattle. Portland had a surprisingly healthy music scene and I put The B-Sides together fairly quickly. My first show was at a place called The Downtown Lounge and Ric drove up for my first live appearance with my new band. I remember how much it impressed the Portland crowd that bona fide rock stars were in the room that Halloween of 1980.”

Steven Tyler makes a young woman cry in a photo. Bebe and Steven Tyler’s daughter, actress Liv Tyler, will be reprising her role of Betty Ross in Disney Plus’s upcoming scripted drama, She-Hulk, according to sources close to Alternative Nation. This comes with rumblings that Disney has purchased back the rights to Hulk-related solo movies. Liv Tyler previously portrayed Betty Ross in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Universal. Velvet Revolver previously contributed the theme song to the first ever live action solo Hulk film, directed by Ang Lee, “Set Me Free”; Scott Weiland and the guys from GNR were big Marvel fans. Alternative Nation will continue to post further updates, we got this covered.