Taylor Momsen Caught Sleeping In Photo


Heaven knows that Taylor Momsen sure loves her animals! The dazzling, ravishing, gorgeous and breathtaking beauty took to social media via Instagram to post this heart-melting photo of her and this cute furry friend! It looks like Taylor is in puppy paradise and can’t simply get enough of her pawsitively perfect pup, as they both nap. Taylor Momsen revealed this hot Halloween outfit last month.

And it looks like Taylor’s adoring fans can’t get enough her canine companion either as the comments have been rolling in. Nickrabbe said: “Nothing like having your pet make the world go away at the end of the day and being given unquestionable love and devotion”

Whereas Gepetto_detroit reminded us all: “My life’s had ups and downs. Friends have come and gone. But my dog’s always been my constant friend. Hang tough.”

Taylor Momsen was spotted kissing a woman in a photo recently. Devilismycopilot responded: “Love it, you don’t make posts for the longest time, now we’ve been seeing that pretty face every day.”

Sid_rerink stated: “Yes, very good Taylor. What is it, a dog yeah?!? I think it is.”

Josinho_zombie penned: “Aaawww so cute!! You are so sweet and lovely Taylor!” Taylor Momsen was spotted with this Limp Bizkit member a couple of days ago. And Kat.atomic_ replied: “That’s how my pup and I sleep every night. She has 45Ibs on petal though.”