Led Zeppelin Icon Stunning ‘Prison’ Claim Revealed


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page discussed wanting a big name to sing on “Prison Blues” in a new social media post. Robert Plant called out a ‘travesty’ he created with Jimmy Page yesterday.

“On this day in 1987, I recorded ‘Blues Anthem’ (If I Cannot Have Your Love, I’ll Sing The Blues) with #ChrisFarlowe‚ which appeared on the Outrider album. Chris was somebody who I first saw in about 1957, in the heats of the British Skiffle Championship, where he sang ‘All By Myself’ – a Johnny Burnette number that was rockabilly and not skiffle and he was extraordinary.⁣

I had seen him play with his band ‘The Thunderbirds’ at the Ebbisham Hall in Epsom and he was truly one of the shining lights of the Southern music scene in the late ’50s and very early ’60s. He went on to build a substantial solo career and I had a great respect for his cavalier vocals. I played acoustic guitar on the hit single ‘Out Of Time’‚ so it wasn’t a surprise when I asked him to help me with his vocal talents on the Death Wish II album.⁣”

Jimmy Page called out an awful Jeff Beck failure recently. Page added, “I asked him again on the Outrider album. He sang on ‘Prison Blues’ and ‘Blues Anthem’ and both songs were written pretty much on the spot within two takes of each other. As an overdub to ‘Blues Anthem’, I incorporated the guitar-synth to emulate a string overdub.⁣

Available now from JimmyPage.com, Chris Farlowe and The Thunderbirds: The Beginning… presents a 12-song demo recording produced by JP. Recorded in 1961 at RG Jones Sound Studio in Morden, London, this historic session marks the launch of a highly successful career for Chris Farlowe.⁣

‘Jimmy suggested that he wanted to record a demo album of the band, so he booked the RG Jones studio in Morden, London, and now after 56 years, it is to see the light of day,’ says Chris.”

Page also discussed a classic show with Robert Plant, “On this day in 1995, Page and Plant played the second night at Madison Square Garden in New York, which was the closing date of the Autumn/Fall 1995 World Tour. The tour was to resume in January the following year in Central and South America.” Paul Stanley revealed a terrible Jimmy Page photo recently.