Tool Family Confirms ‘Sickness’ In Horrible Photo


Tool guitarist Adam Jones recently posted on social media about his son suffering a sickness. Maynard James Keenan was recently photographed holding a coke.

“Missing my youngest boy 💔👶🏼 He’s a bit sick now with a head cold & I wish I was at home to take care of him. *He loves playing & pretending to drive in our old caddy 🏆💣🤘🏽 #LikeFatherLikeSon @korinfaught #1948cadillac #48cadillac #48caddy.”

Finnrose05 recently posted on the Tool Reddit, “My opinion has changed on Culling Voices. Around the time I first listened to fear inoculum the only song I didn’t much care for was CV. I’m fact, two of the comments I’ve posted has to do with me talking about how little I cared about it. However I jammed on FI a lot longer and eventually something changed, I was enjoying CV more and more. Which led me to realize I didn’t hate Culling Voices, I just needed more time with it. Have any of you all changed your opinion on CV? If so let me know. Spiral out.”

StarShopping97B responded, “I still can’t listen to that song, something about it is just not for me. I was like this with a lot of thier music though, I hated schism. Then once I actually listened to it, I realised it’s a fantastic song, now it’s probably in my top 3.

What I’m saying is, maybe after a few more attempts of listening to it, maybe it will click, who knows.”

Aspenfan1 responded, “Culling is the track that slowly creeps up on you with each listen, then when you let it consume you is when you realize it’s complex as fuck with Adam playing three guitar parts over each other with mjk’s melodies and no rhythm section till 3/4 way thru the song.

Personally it’s my favourite track on a stellar record, since it’s more subtle than the others. But that’s the beauty of tool, everyone has a favourite and each of us are right in our own way. Bless this community…” A Tool member’s wife wearing a tight leather outfit was just revealed.