Tool Guitarist Reveals If New Album Will Be Done In 2018


Ivonna Cadaver recently sent out a tweet that excited Tool fans. She wrote a few days ago, “Bowl for Ronnie! @PinzBowling w/Adam Jones @Tool New Album coming out any day now! Interviews in new episodes to come on #MacabreTheatre @AdrenalinePR SOLD OUT EVENT! Interviews to die 4 😉 @YoutooAmerica 10pm ET eve Sat night #horror #Halloween2018.”

She has now followed up this tweet by quoting exactly what Adam Jones told her, and what Jones said indicates the album will be done in 2018.

A fan asked her, “Any day now?”

She responded, “This tweet struck true controversy! I have been working on new episodes, events, content. I couldn’t answer all! I can now! Adam’s words to me ‘it should be DONE any day now’. I said ‘I can’t wait, man’ he said ‘believe me neither can we’. Sincere. @Tool”

Maynard James Keenan was working on wine during the summer, but he wasn’t on tour, so it’s unclear if he may have come in to record his vocals. He is currently on tour with A Perfect Circle to promote their new album Eat the Elephant in America, and the tour wraps up on November 20th in Phoenix. Tool recently announced a 2019 European tour that is expected to coincide with the release of their new album. The band last released 10,000 Days in 2006.