Tool Member Cancels Performance With ‘Sickness’


Tool bassist Justin Chancellor failed to play a VIP soundcheck for fans in Atlantic City due to suffering food poisoning, though he later did the main show. Maynard James Keenan was injured at this same Tool show.

EHendrx posted on Reddit about the Tool VIP experience, “After we bought our merch, we waited for about another hour in line for soundcheck. Justin wasn’t there, because he wasn’t feeling well, so Nick (I think was his name?) filled in on bass and they did Stinkfist. After they practiced, we did the group photo, and they took us to the pre-show waiting area with food. It was a buffet, with mixed salad, rice, roasted veggies, cauliflower steaks, marinated tofu, roast beef with mushrooms, and cheesecake.

They had beer, wine, and cocktails for purchase. Getting drinks and our phones back was relatively painless and it was pretty well organized. They definitely had a ton of food to around – I know others earlier in the tour said they ran out, but definitely wasn’t the case here, so perhaps they’ve learned!

Our seats were absolutely amazing – it was an insane experience being that close. After Aenima, however, this drunk asshole made his way into our row and was standing behind us (we were leaning on the riser) and acting like a total idiot behind us. He then came up next to me and tried to push me over to lean on the riser.”

Tool recently called out a Ticketmaster failure. The user added, “I told him to go, so he resumed standing behind me, and acting like a total fool. When my husband turned around to talk to him, this asshole came up and grabbed my waist and and started rubbing my waist to my hip, to which I told him to get the f off of me and out of our row. My husband motioned to security, and the guy ran off. Part of the problem is that they were letting people come stand in the aisles, and this guy made it into a free for all. Because of this, I basically missed all of Pneuma, which was a huge bummer. I wish security had been more on top of it but there were tons of people there.

The rest of the show was great, and I have a ton of appreciation for Justin and Maynard pulling through when they weren’t feeling well. They put on one hell of a show.” Maynard James Keenan is reportedly not prepared to play a surprising Tool song.