Tool Apologize For Horrible Concert Failure


Tool fans were furious last week when Ticketmaster crashed as fans attempted to buy 2020 ‘Fear Inoculum’ tour concert tickets. A Tool ‘ejection’ threat at a show was caught on camera.

Tool offered somewhat of an apology and explanation to fans on Twitter, “We’re aware that Ticketmaster’s website is experiencing problems and impacting your ability to purchase tickets. While we have heard that many people are successfully securing their tickets, we will update everyone when we know more.”

Fans were furious on Reddit, starting a ‘F*** you Ticketmaster’ topic.

NoveskeTiger posted, “Yep, got me too. Got prime lowers in NOLA and checked out, only for it to tell me they couldn’t process order. kicks me out and when I come back all the good shit is gone. now i can get raped by a reseller, yay!”

Tool’s ‘private security’ annoying fans at a show was recently revealed. Phreena responded, ” Same. Got on TM a couple hours early. Saw the ‘maintenance’ issues. Figured out to use link to get in. Waiting room. Then Queue. About 1200th in line but that only took 6-7 minutes. Had good tix by 10:10. Tried to go for round 2, but TM told me I was still in line and could not be in line twice so I didn’t bother. I’m on the side right about even with the front of the stage. Don’t like the floor because I’m vertically impaired.”

Wuonyx said, “Yep. So glad that when I was waiting for ten am for tix to go on sale that a queue popped up to fuck me at 9:57 while I wasn’t staring at something glittering. But hey, I got nosebleeds at a perpendicular angle to the stage for a hundred bucks fiv hours from where I live. And had to buy a smart phone. I also have other serious gripes about Tool since this album came out, but hey, Eat the Elephant has great lyrics.” Maynard James Keenan reportedly isn’t ready to play a new Tool song.