U2 Singer Bono ‘Bad Remark’ To Young Women Revealed


U2 and Bono superfan Vincent Jechoux recently took to social media via Twitter to showcase this clip of acclaimed U2 frontman Bono delivering a passionate speech regarding Women’s equality and the sad reality of the Climate Crisis globally. Here, the U2 singer also states how not only will the climate crisis be ‘woman-solved,’ in Bono’s words, he also states the sad remark that there is ‘no place on Earth with gender parity.’ Alternative Nation transcribed Bono’s words. U2 singer Bono reveals ‘worst drug meltdown’.

Bono: It’s a very complex political, economic, scientific set of problems and we aren’t going to figure it out without everybody here, The climate crisis may be man-made but it’s likely to be woman-solved. We are not going to say ‘Mother Earth’ with just our sons because our daughters are necessary. My daughters are roughly around your own age [the crowd] and she says that ‘there is no place on earth with gender parity’. Bono’s daughter tight corset photo stuns U2 fans.

In other news regarding Bono and U2, fans recently took to the U2 subreddit to discuss the most interesting tracks from one of U2’s most interesting albums – Songs of Experience.’ One fellow Reddit user wrote: “In my opinion 13, Landlady and Book Of Your Heart were the most interesting tracks from the last album. This provides a great look into the type of direction U2 could go towards at this stage of their career.

A more synth-driven electronic modern sound, layered more heavily with keys and effects getting louder and more intense as the song progresses to the end – The Troubles being the prime example. I loved Book Of Your Heart and Landlady because they sounded like Unforgettable Fire from the future. Those icy cold swirling synths in Landlady and the heaving, undulating breathing in then exhaling motion of the synths in Book Of Your Heart remind me of the sonic nature and atmosphere specifically of Yoshino Blossom and Unforgettable Fire (title-track).” Bono’s daughter caught with Channing Tatum in U2 bed.