U2 Singer Bono Makes Horrible Charity ‘Affair’ Claim


U2 singer Bono revealed how he can hold ‘affairs’ for charity like his RED organization, and the celebrity parties can end up being too ‘schmaltzy,’ but he said it’s worth it for a good cause. Alternative Nation transcribed Bono’s remarks from the Cry Power Podcast with Hozier. Bono made a disturbing AIDS drugs revelation yesterday.

“You turn up, and you’re angered by injustice, and you wade through, these can be smarmy affairs, these can be schmaltzy affairs, but at RED we try to distill things, things we want to communicate that night.”

He later said about spirituality and music, “Material surplus, but a lot of spiritual vacuums, particularly in the church, funnily enough. We have realized that a lot of people’s spiritual lives is the music they’re listening to. Your album, your recent album, the one before that, has sustained me, they sustain others in whatever that need is.”

A U2 member was recently spotted driving a ridiculous car. Bono added, “The thing that separates us hopefully as a species is that spiritual ache, that thing that turns into empathy if you’re making music, if you’re writing a play or a screenplay. Empathy is about trying to understand another person. I think artists are generally a bit [empathetic] to other people’s experience.

So that’s probably where the protest song begins, is you feel so shit about somebody else’s circumstances, and you just not like feeling shit, and you don’t have any other utensils other than a guitar, piano, or your pen. You don’t have any weapon other than your voice to fight against whatever it was.” U2 sent a bold message to Metallica a few months ago.