Van Halen Icon Reveals Surprising Weight Loss In Video


Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth said he now considers himself very ‘skinny’ on a new episode of The Roth Show, and said he would love to see Ronda Rousey drag his ‘skinny ass’ out the door if he was trapped in a fire. A Van Halen icon was pulled over by police in a new video.

Roth said, “The whole group of women maintains the Ronda Rousey’s and the Nunez’ and they lead the way in terms of empowerment. They’re gonna get a little bit of a nose busted and a little bit of in here… But so what?! It’s a character. Its personality, okay and I agree! Hey, those are great examples for really really strong women in the future.

If my house burst into flames, I’m gonna want whoever shows up as a fire person to be able to drag my skinny ass out that door, far enough from the flames that I don’t lose my tattoos. I don’t want somebody and you don’t want Woody Allen in a fire hat six times two sized. You know, stand nowhere and go well yet I won’t need another six to me. I wanna Ronda Rousey to grab me by my nose and drag me!”

A Van Halen icon revealed last week who was broke on his new album. David Lee Roth’s “Jump” remix with Armin van Buuren was defended in a new post by Heisenberg on Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, and Michael Anthony didn’t have any involvement in the project.

“It’s always a drag to speak up but whats worse is not being surprised to see these kinda comments from VH fans. Maybe there’s a sick kinda psychological intriguing mystique to the routine of reading these threads.

We usually know what’s going to be said by certain folks before they even say it but nonetheless click the threads anyways. I want to say….David’s Jump Techno thingy isn’t really technically a VH thing. But of course the blow Joe yahoo simpletons get confused & think David is a Techno Dance Guy now.

So gotta mouth off. And David was a Dance guy way back even in 1980 when he’d hop on the Disco Sucks bandwagon in actual fact was probably playing Disco music in his tour bus stereo at the same time giving the interviews.”

MetalheadZone transcribed Roth’s remarks from The Roth Show.