Vince Neil Bends Over In ‘Offensive’ Motley Crue Photo


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has shared a photo of a Vince Neil toy he bought bending over near Jesus Christ on his Instagram story. Vince Neil was recently photographed eating cake.

Motley Crue’s tickets for their summer North American stadium reunion tour with Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett recently went on sale, and shows are selling out left and right, with fans calling out Fenway Park in Boston for having issues with their ticket onsale date.

HeyItsMe7744 posted on Reddit, “Fenway presale tickets, anyone else having issues with the website???”

Heart_of_cygnus said, “It sounds like a lot of people are having issues. No matter what option I try to pick, it tells me there are no tickets available.”

Hey_its_meeee7774 responded, “I had the same issue. I ended up calling and they told me there legit were no tickets left and to try again on Friday when they are open to the public. I guess bots buy up all the tickets and then sell them for a higher price. I ended up just getting verified resale tickets for the Citi field show in New York.”

Seanbassman chimed in, “Presale required a code and was limited to 4 tix. So I don’t think it was bots. I think it was traffic.”

Tomarra0 commented, “Waited about 30 minutes in the ‘virtual waiting room’ when tickets went on sale this morning for Fenway and once I got through there were none left. Wound up going to StubHub.” An ‘angry’ Motley Crue member workout video just leaked.