Vince Neil ‘Ruins’ Motley Crue Performance In Sad Video


Motley Crue singer Vince Neil was recently asked to send a birthday message on Cameo, and while he seems to be in good spirits, he totally fumbles his instructed lines, which include quoting “Dr. Feelgood” and other Motley Crue classics. A new Vince Neil backside photo was just revealed ahead of the Motley Crue stadium tour.

Skunk’d Life wrote on YouTube, “We hired Vince Neil of Motley Crue through a site called ( to wish my younger brother a happy 40th birthday. I got my brother into the Crue when we were little and still to this day the Crue and especially Vince is his idol.

You are given 250 characters of what you want the celebrity to say, and this is what we intended Vince to say: ‘Happy Birthday to Derek from Christian, Mom, Tanya, Ethan and Blake. Shout at the devil to start off this new decade and take the opportunity to kickstart your auto search and sales!! Listen to the Dr. and Feelgood about the big 4-0 in 2020.’

This video is what came out of him instead. We honestly find it hysterical and Vince if you’re seeing or reading this. We still love ya man!!! I’ll see ya 10th row in Miami this summer!!!”

Farceful_Victory recently posted on Reddit, “How come Nikki Sixx became legendary for dying and coming back after a fetal heroin overdose. Yet Slash does the same exact thing, but no one ever talks about it, nor worships him for it?! like what gives.”

JustLurkingInSNJ commented, “Nikki is legendary for the life he lead and currently leads. He’s always been the main songwriter and driving force of this legendary band. That he died and was brought back was only a moment in what is now over 4 decades of excess and success. He’s not a legend for OD’ing. Hell, he’s a legend in spite of it.

Slash is also a phenomenal guitar player and has his own legendary status, having little or nothing to do with heroin or Nikki Sixx.” Motley Crue recently revealed if Vince Neil is ‘failing’ to lose weight.