Motley Crue Icon ‘Sucker Punched’ By A-List Star


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx revealed that Aerosmith ‘sucker punched’ him figuratively with the release of Rocks in the 70’s. Nikki Sixx recently revealed where Motley Crue could reunite for a performance.

“Who would’ve thought this would be a thing in 1976 when this great album came out an sucker punched my brain. @aerosmith #Rocks.”

Sixx is recently in New York raising awareness for the opioid epidemic, and he wrote, “I only wanna surround myself w/people who do positive shit. Make shit happen even when it’s not popular to shake it up. Be in the ⭕️ that’s forward thinking. I’m trying to change every ounce of what I don’t like about myself and the world I get to live in. Change is hard! You?”

A Motley Crue family member made a plastic surgery revelation last week. Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan recently uploaded a new episode of her podcast, “I just uploaded this week’s podcast starring @trevwall! Check out why he lost his hearing in his ear. It’s intense…ly hilarious. Video of all podcasts uploaded every Wednesday!”

Giovani Bell tweeted her, “The Mena Suvari episode was a great one. Besides the tequila story, which was hilarious & I can relate to. The technology jokes by @BrittanyFurla were hilarious especially the beeper & Walkman ones. I also felt the Reasons Seasons Lifetime quote #WorstFirst.”

Brittany responded, “Thanks for this thorough review 🙏🏼.” Tommy Lee’s wife recently revealed a ‘sick’ demand.