Van Halen Icon Confirms Firing After Death Bombshell


Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth was recently interviewed by Design Matters with Debbie Millman and confirmed that he was fired by CBS Radio after they banned what he was playing, and he began interview dead celebrities. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks when he discussed doing imitations. Eddie Van Halen kissed a famous male friend in resurfaced photos posted last week.

“What really got that going is when they fired me from doing what was supposed to be, Howard Stern had left and had gone onto SiriusXM, and I had got the KROQ kind of thing, and they took away all my guests, because they said I was playing too much ethnic music, we know what that means, and that I was having light night humor too early in the morning.

My guests were larcenists, so I started interviewing dead guys. A secret, I did both voices, I can tell that now, full disclosure. No, interviewed [Jimi] Hendrix.”

Sammy Hagar reacted to a Van Halen reunion tour rumor last week. Van Halen fans on have been debating the quality of David Lee Roth’s recently surfaced Las Vegas residency rehearsal video.

RRvh1 was critical of Roth, writing, “I clearly stated that other posts (for anyone to see!)) were somewhat ‘anti roth’, and commented. Even predicted which poster(s) would come after me … Pretty telling, including the ‘You need help’ tripe… It’s a website.”

Dave’s Dreidel responded, “Maybe because an adult male that specifically goes into threads to remind people for the 5,000th time that he doesn’t like David Lee Roth is a little weird. It’s pretty obvious to anyone on here that your posting history reveals you have some issues. How about you fix you before starting to lash out at everyone else?

You can’t stand DLR, but you joined a Classic VH Forum? Dear God man. That would be like me joining a Nickelback forum just to go in there and talk about how great Metallica is. Makes no f**king sense.” David Lee Roth revealed who was responsible for the Van Halen breakup yesterday.