AC/DC Icon Messes Up After Drinking In Video


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade is off the handle in this funny new video where is he slurring and mispronouncing his words (it looks like sarcastically) after a night of drinking. This AC/DC rumor after a tour cancellation was just revealed. In promoting a tour date at the Saleda Boveda in Barcelona, Spain, it is apparent that Slade was having a rough go at it and couldn’t pronounce the name of the venue correctly the first time around. The former AC/DC member did quickly correct himself soon after. You can view the video below. An AC/DC icon revealed a ‘nonsense’ Angus Young demand yesterday.

In other AC/DC news, fans on the AC/DC fan-forum discussed the merits and legacy of the band’s fourteenth studio album – Stiff Upper Lip. 

CliffFINmark2 wrote: ” Title track is a classic, a tune that should have stayed in the set-list without a pause. Love it. 10/10. Then….YES…I love Safe in NYC too. I know there is mixed feelings on it among us AC/DC nerds here, but I think it is a great tune, Rudd, Cliff and Mal do it for me on this one. 9/10 But then. Everything else I basically dislike. 6/10 – 4/10 scaled filler not killer. And this kinda spread does not happen to me on any other album. Geez, I even like Ballpooper more. Stiff Upper Lip is by far my least fav album entity by the boys ever, the two great songs do not save the entity. After BB being a let down and SUL being close to utter crap I thought that they would not make a good record again, but then came BI that aint perfect but slaughters SUL and BB, and so does ROB too. So glad I was wrong. The SUL tour was awesome, enjoyed that one! So in that sense I knew the mustard was still being cut hardcore, but I feared their writing would not recover, but it did.”

Thankass replied: “The real start of the “let’s make some nice riffs and put them on repeat and forget making real songs” era. Apart from a few exceptions, the songs aren’t there anymore. Also due to the lame lyrics. The slow to medium tempo doesn’t make it any better. There are a few nice parts scattered throughout the album though. Mainly bridges and some Phil work. Production is nice and warm.”

BallToucher put: “With Stiff Upper Lip, you either “get it”, or you don´t. There’s no convincing, trust me, I hated it for years. SUL is AC/DC bare bones, stripped out of any side dish. It’s also delicate in a way, it’s like the finer things in life. That said, I’ll defend All Screwed Up with my fists or nails anytime, if needed. It’s Fire Your Guns with a bluesier approach. Me likes. Also, I’m surprised to hear this from you, Shoo. I thought you knew better. There’s more inspired stuff and ballsy creativity in something like say Come N Get It (that brilliant bridge!) that on anything that came after. Surely more than anything on Balldryer. And if Can´t Stand Still doesn’t get you immediately into a good mood, you’re dead inside.” Brian Johnson revealed if he used heroin earlier this week.