Brian Johnson ‘Drunk’ AC/DC Fan Attack Revealed


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson discussed fans throwing bottles at him at concerts, and referred to them as ‘redneck drunks.’ An AC/DC member revealed why he was ‘dumped’ by his girlfriend yesterday.

“We all notice you’re very female, and in this world when you went out, life on the road was pretty tough because of the amenities backstage. Some of the little clubs where you used to play, I used to play. There were a lot of redneck drunks, some bad dudes, bottles thrown and all of that. That was all part of serving your apprenticeship.”

Jack B. Nimble posted, “If I had to take a stab at why Slade was brought back;

1. Angus was impressed with his ability from his first tenure with the band.
2. Slade is tour hardened and is as reliable as anyone in the business. At that moment, Angus needed someone he could count on and he got it w/Slade.
3. Slade knows the AC/DC way. He knows the drum tech. He knows how AC/DC tours, etc.
4. Slade was willing and available.

Slade plays differently with his own band vs. on tour. When I asked him about this, he responded that he played as he was told while on tour. He didn’t elaborate. Listen to how he plays the ‘butchered’ songs with his own band. With his own band, he plays naturally and it is closer to his Donington style.

I have a couple of questions and observations on this;

1. Who told him to try to play like Rudd? Was it Angus, or Ellen? We’ve heard rumors that Ellen had fashion input regarding Axl’s wardrobe. Just how much pull does she have in the band now that Mal is gone?

2. When Slade played at the Grammys, he was playing in a style that was flashy, almost show-offish. This was more in line with his style during his first stint with the band where he was almost showcased. How many other members got to have their photo taken for promotional purposes with Angus? I’m thinking of the image where it looks like Slade is going to slit Angus Young’s throat. (Angus suffered a tragic loss last week.) Yet, once the ROB tour started, Slade was very low key during performances. This is not his style. He also didn’t look like he was playing freely in his own way. There was a very notable difference to how he played during TRE era and ROB era, yet with his TimeLine band, he shows he can still come close to the TRE era if he wants or is allowed.

3. Regarding the change to ‘current drummer’ vs ‘of AC/DC’ may or may not be meaningful. Could it be the promoter who did this or was it at the direction of Chris himself? I could ask, but I really don’t care all that much. I just thought it was an interesting change.” Brian Johnson recently refused to admit if AC/DC retired.