AC/DC Member Devastated In Tragic Death Announcement


Original AC/DC singer Dave Evans was interviewed by Neil Turbin of The Metal Voice recently and discussed a variety of topics. An AC/DC icon revealed earlier this week why Angus Young is a recluse. Here, Evans revealed if he did in fact ever meet and have relations with the woman who inspired the AC/DC hit “Whole Lotta Rosie”, named Rosie, and he also announced that she has died. Alternative Nation transcribed Evans’ comments. An AC/DC icon recently reacted to a disgusting The Police hotel room claim.

Trubin: I just have a couple more questions – I was wondering about the story for “Rosie” for “A Whole Lotta Rosie”. You never slept with Rosie, did you?

Evans: No, no, in fact, the original Rosie died two to three years ago in Tasmania over in Australia. However, no, I’ve never met Rosie and there is a story about it but I’m not gonna tell you the story of Rosie because there might be children listening.

Trubin: [looking perplexed] Well, what is it? What’s the story?

Evans: Well I’m not tellin’ ya! I already told ya!

Trubin: Well yeah but everybody else needs to hear.

Evans: You know the story.

Trubin: Well, okay. So, Rosie, she was kind of big and-

Evans: And Bon Scott won the bet.

Trubin: And Bon Scott had a challenge.

Evans: I think the whole band had a challenge but anyway, he won the bet and that’s all I’m gonna tell ya.

Trubin: Okay.. and where can I buy a Tasmanian tiger, because I would like to buy two.

Evans: Well, I think there are a couple of stuffed ones in the museum but there are no more Tasmanian tigers. However, they still get cited because Tasmania wilderness and not many people live there, not a lot of it is being explored and a lot of people say they did say the Tasmanian tiger and I tend to believe them because it’s a pretty wild country.

AC/DC are rumored to tour with Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams returning to the band. The trio were spotted recording with Angus Young and Stevie Young last year in Vancouver. An AC/DC member reacted to a disturbing health secret earlier this week.