Eddie Van Halen ‘Worse’ Than Cancer Claim Revealed


Eddie Van Halen is allegedly dealing with health issues worse than just the reported throat cancer, SiriusXM host Eddie Trunk, who first broke news earlier this year that he heard Van Halen was traveling internationally for medical treatment, reported on his show recently. Green Day revealed a heartbreaking Eddie Van Halen photo yesterday.

“It’s in the TMZ zone now, it’s in the gossip columns. I mentioned there are podcasts that are basically doing eulogies to the guy, and it sucks quite frankly because we just don’t really know what’s happening because for whatever reasons. They refuse to say anything about anything, so we just don’t know the real story.

That being said, because I do talk to people, because I am out at events, I am talking to people behind the scenes, unanimously, everybody I’ve spoken to, even in the last couple of weeks, have told me that sadly this is very true, and he is dealing with a lot. Even things not being reported in terms of medical issues and what he’s going through.

But I will never understand when it reaches this point. Look I respect everybody’s requests for privacy, but I don’t understand when it reaches this point, when it’s in the gossip world and all of that, why it would be so wrong to just tell the fans what’s going on.”

Eddie Van Halen’s family posted a brain tumor video a few days ago. Heisenberg posted on VHLinks.com recently about David Lee Roth saying Van Halen is ‘finished.’ He said, “I’m surprised how civilized & well behaved the VH fans commentary on the net have been so far.

After David’s recent interview’s I assumed there would be a lot more hoopla all things considered. Since he did say the VH band as we know it won’t be returning. I kind of expected a certain contingency of VH fans would have bombarded the net but it hasn’t happened at all as I can see.

I already knew a little bit about about Edward’s condition & going overseas from before but the impression being no where near as dire as recently reported which can now be seen in the recent pictures. No way David would have made some of those comments if the situation was worse than it is. At least I would assume not.

There’s other artists in similar predicaments. Tony Iommi went on tour while still receiving treatments at the time. Rod Stewart recently commented about his situation. I strongly believe Edward has been writing a book.” Eddie Van Halen was ‘caught off guard’ by a fan in a sad photo earlier this week.