Freddie Mercury Slapped By Woman In Brutal Video


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury was slapped in the backside by a female fan in a newly resurfaced video. Freddie Mercury was ‘stroking’ one of his favorite friends shortly before his death after meeting. Freddie Mercury Club reported:

“That moment you’re so close to your idol for the first time that you just wanna grab on to anything you can. You also have the greatest view and are appreciating your idol’s flawless “assets” in a whole new light.

Perfection is right there…in your face. And you just can’t help it any longer. You’ve lost control…so you just go for it.

Meanwhile Freddie’s like: “WTF was that?!” And as he giggles to himself he thinks “Oh what the hell…I liked it, she liked it, and that’s all that matters.”

P.S. How many of you can say you’ve smacked your idol’s butt? That lucky woman right there has done the impossible, she’s done what’s in everyone’s wildest dreams. She could live life and go through everything knowing she had smacked not just anybody’s butt but Freddie Mercury’s… 👊🔥😁 #respect #luckylady.”

Freddie Mercury wearing a bizarre outfit to a boy’s birthday party was recently revealed. Freddie Mercury Club also wrote before his birthday last week:

No time for losers…Cause it’s Freddie freaking Mercury’s birthday tomorrow. As if his gorgeous eyes weren’t hypnotizing enough we have to have that epic closeup too. As the camera zooms out you see those chiseled cheekbones…

And then he purses his plump lips…(dimple alert). But the way he moves his lower jaw and bottom lips is too much to handle.

And then that naughty gorgeous eye roll…such a tease. Then we have that calm before a big storm moment when he gets up like a missile ready to launch. Those dramatic passionate powerful moves as he struts around that lean body and points his hands like a professional orchestra leader.

And no one could pull off that fabulous black and white leotard…so Freddie. But you know all of this is not the reason I posted this tonight…It’s his voice. That out of this world voice…Those spine chilling vocals that cannot even be matched with the gods above because Freddie’s up there training them.” A ‘pale’ Freddie Mercury 1991 photo recently surfaced.