Geddy Lee Calls Out Sad Rush Bandmate Drug Use


The official Rush Instagram page posted the following photo and snippet. The photo is actually of frontman Geddy Lee and bandmate Alex Lifeson during one of their earliest shows together. Notice how ‘under the influence’ both look in the photo. Lee wrote about the photo: “Uh…look at their eyes..high as f**k.” This Rush singer recently leaked this painful Alex Lifeson photo.

In other news revolving Rush and Geddy Lee, fans took to the group’s social media to discuss the legacy and impact of one of Rush’s most signature albums – Permanent Waves. One fan wrote: “Permanent Waves” reminds me of my first days in college when I moved in with my dad and rode the No. 7 bus from Genesee Street into Seattle Central Community College. I memorized every line and note. The music was a big departure for Rush, which had been one of my favorite high school bands. But the lyrics gave me some ideas of possibilities. That my future could be fraught with turmoil but that’d I’d figure it out. And indeed I did. I graduated from college with a journalism degree and went to work for a series of newspapers. I got over the rejection of trying to ask one of those Iranian girls out at SCCC. The Iranian boys shut me down. But tracks Spirit of Radio and Freewill reverberated through my head as I played them repeatedly on my old turntable and typed on my old mini Royal manual typewriter. I later found the love of my life and raised a family. I recently purchased an electronic copy of the album and burned a CD after I realized I like the album format and all that it provides. This particular album is powerful at least to me. And it rocks hard. And Lifeson was on Trailer Park Boys. Talk about perfect.” Rush singer Geddy Lee was spotted with ‘drinking’ young women.

While another fan put: “Beautiful! Gotta hand it to the DMM mastering engineers at Abbey Road. This is my second favorite Rush record and I’ve never heard it this good. It sounds incredible through my Grado headphones. Clean, clear, punchy, direct and yet still warm, ambient, and very well balanced. True to the original as well – no unnecessary or over-applied compression or effects. The drums sound like you are in the booth. Very natural. As a drummer listening, thank you for not slathering extra reverb all over them.

This Rush singer recently reveals surprising Neil Peart paycheck. The fan continued: “Vinyl comes in a nice padded V.R.P. style inner sleeve (for those of you old enough to remember those). Separate lyric sheet and digital download card. If I could give it six stars I would. I can’t wait to hear Moving Pictures when it comes out.