Gene Simmons Daughter Calls Out ‘Angry’ KISS Fans


Gene Simmons‘ daughter, the brave and stunning Sophie Simmons issued the following statement in regard to the death of NBA icon Kobe Bryant: “The greatest. a legend. we will miss you. rest in peace.” This apparently set off a fellow Twitter user who was not a fan of the ‘Black Mamba’ who sent a now-deleted tweet to the beautiful and talented KISS daughter in response. Gene Simmons’ daughter ‘gets wet’ in pool photo.

To that, Sophie held her own and replied with the following: “Are you really so petty as to pick at something like that. someone passed away. show some damn respect.” Go Sophie!

In other news regarding Sophie Simmons’ rockin’ father Gene Simmons, fans recently took to the KISSFaq fan forum to discuss how they discovered the ‘hottest band in the land’. LadySpace84 wrote: “I was pretty much born into it. My mom has been a fan since the beginning and turned my cousin (who she raised) onto them, my Dad was already a fan when they met and at a very young age, around four, my cousin gave me his COTN album cause I loved the songs, when he would listen to the album, I would sing along.” Gene Simmons’ daughter ‘bunny lingerie’ photo revealed.

Gene Simmons’ daughter recently ‘rubbed’ in this tight skirt photo. The fan concluded: “I was all in after that and probably the only kid in Kindergarten with an Animalize shirt lol… I have very cool and down to earth parents who had zero issues with my little five-year-old self listening to Rocket Ride (and of course letting me think it was about space travel until I was old enough to understand for myself lol)”