Paul Stanley Massive Payment At Bar Revealed By KISS


Want to own a Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons KISS themed bar? Well if you have a spare couple of million dollars lying around, you might just be the person to own such an establishment. Over on the KISSFaq fan forum, one user by the name of Nibbler1982 discussed how they tried to bring the ‘Rock and Brews’ concept to New York, New York. This KISS member recently called out Paul Stanley after a firing.

The user wrote: “I’ve done my best to make it happen. The $1.5M net worth and $0.5M liquid requirements are out of my range. I did have a few meetings with their reps though. They would love one at Roosevelt Field. It wasn’t meant to be.”

Paul Stanley makes sad AIDS announcement to KISS fans. Fellow forum members were enamored by this news as So Cruel pointed out: ” Kind of odd for them to have requirements that high. Usually, you see more established brands like McDonalds, KFC, etc with those types of financial requirements for franchising. If I was going to risk my $ on a franchise I’d want one with years of brand recognition and financials.”

While BlackAce compared the venture to the hard Rock: “Rock and Brews solely depends on outsider investors who are willing to pay the fee to the franchise now, I don’t understand why there’s not 100s already, the profits have been speaking for themselves. It’s probably Hard Rocks only viable competition which isn’t saying much but we’ll see how far this goes. I’m assuming apart from selling weed this will be Gene’s main source of income outside of KISS soon and Paul’s of course. Quite ironic really, in the end, the best business move was one where they didn’t slabber the four makeup icons everywhere and really made it little to none about KISS, only took forty-five years for it to kick in.” Paul Stanley spotted with KISS bandmate’s wife at restaurant.