Gene Simmons Stunned By ‘Madman’ Actor In Video


KISS icon Gene Simmons was stunned by the straight to video new film ‘The Professor and the Madman’ starring Mel Gibson and Sean Penn in a new tweet. Gibson played the ‘madman’ while Penn played ‘the professor.’ A Van Halen icon verbally attacking Simmons after a KISS show was revealed yesterday.

“THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN – beautifully made and acted. Mel Gibson, Sean Penn. Watch it.”

Simmons was also recently photographed with Will Smith and Bruce Willis. Dea Music and Art School tweeted Simmons, “You might not recognize him without the makeup on, but @KISSOnline bassist @genesimmons grew up right here on #StatenIsland! #AmericanArtistsMonth.” He responded, “Well, yes and no. While it’s true I attended and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts In Education degree from CUNY Richmond College in Staten Island, I didn’t actually grow up there. But thank you, anyway.”

A painful Gene Simmons hospital video was uploaded last week. There have been accusations of Paul Stanley using backing tracks live on the KISS ‘End of the World’ tour, and Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith was asked in a recent New York Post interview about artists using backing tracks live.

“I tell you what, I see it with a lot of younger bands, and I don’t think it’s a good thing at all. I mean, the music is getting too technical now. You have computerized recording systems, which we use, but I think we use them more for convenience than because we need to. We’ve toured with a couple bands that use tapes — it’s not real. You’re supposed to play live; it should be live. I don’t agree with using tapes … I think it’s a real shame.”