Guns N’ Roses Member Reveals ‘Overweight’ Slash Photo


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has posted a ‘fat bottomed girl’ photo on his Instagram page.

Guns N’ Roses recently announced South American and European 2020 tours. Whaz Up said on about recent setlists, “There was a time, specifically 2017 and most of 2018 where I was giving the band as a whole, many benefits of the doubt. Regarding setlists, new material, etc. all of it. I was willing to say “let’s wait I am sure they are cooking something up”

But lately I am just finding it hard to. New tour dates no longer excite me, and what was exciting from Locomotive and Dead Horse quickly got replaced with negativity from the whole TB/copyright saga since we can barely even enjoy recordings of those new songs lol

At this point I feel like GNR are adding these random 2020 tour dates so they can make easy money and have excuses not to release any actual new material.”

Slash mocking a Guns N’ Roses replacement member was just revealed. Guns N’ Roses recently announced that they will play the Super Bowl music fest on January 31st in Miami, but not all fans are pleased on

The Holographic Universe responded, “I doubt Axl is touring to avoid making an album. He is not the type to do something he doesn’t want to do. There could many factors if an album isn’t released. Maybe, internally, they have agreed they do not possess the chemistry to write and record excellent music. 25 years apart is a huge gap to bridge. And Axl surley has not become more cooperative in recordings habits.”

Sausage Brain said, “Maybe Duff’s beloved Seahawks will be there too. (Pity about Axl’s Raiders though, eh?). GnR has the brand strength and the cross generation appeal that would make them perfect for the actual SB half time show. Maybe the organizers are scared that they would do something naughty?” Slash made a stunning Lady Gaga and Madonna claim last week.