Howard Stern Reveals Paul McCartney Hotel Room Demand


Howard Stern and Paul Rudd revealed that The Beatles icon Paul McCartney attempted to call Rudd in his hotel room before they appeared on Saturday Night Live. Ringo Starr made a scary Paul McCartney revelation on Saturday. recapped: Howard said they don’t do many sketch shows now. Paul said it’s like New York history. He said he has been on with great musical guests. He said the first show he did was with Beyonce. He said the second one was Paul McCartney. He said his phone rang at about 1 in the morning and Bill Hader told him that it was Paul. He said he had no idea and he wasn’t able to sleep. Howard said you know that everyone is going to be tuned in. Paul said he couldn’t believe that he was going to be in the same room as McCartney. He said they come in to do their set up and sound checks on Thursday.

He said they’re shooting the photos for the bumpers at the same time. He said Paul came in and did his thing and they played ”Jet” and then he went down and watched him. He said then they brought in a grand piano for Paul to figure out what he was going to play next. He said he was behind Paul and he was playing ”Long and winding Road.” He said he was looking at his feet and fingers playing and watching over his shoulder. He said slowly but surely people came in and listened. He said they all applauded and he said thank you. He said then he played Lady Madonna and Beatles songs for them.

John Lennon made a bold Paul McCartney and Fleetwood Mac claim before his death. Paul said he loves so many things about Paul McCartney and some people figure out their place in life and Paul seems to be in that place. He said he knows that we all want to hear his music. Howard asked if he tries to freeze that in his memory. Paul said yes he does.

Howard said he loves the guy in Bon Jovi who plays keyboard because he loves the way he interacts with Jon. He said he tries to keep that in his head. Paul said he loves ”Long and Winding Road” and those hands are the hands that played that when it was written back then. Howard said he’s watching Mozart. Paul said it’s like that. He said in a way it’s like who cares about anything else. He said when he looks back in his life he’s going to think about that time he got to see Paul play for 10 people.

Howard said he got to interview Paul a couple of times. He said he even called him once around Christmas and he didn’t know it was McCartney. Howard Stern revealed a disturbing Bruce Springsteen demand a few days ago.