Mick Jagger $6,000 Concert Threat Revealed


Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and The Rolling Stones were recently forced at the last minute to pay $6,000 for a last minute stage inspection in Santa Clara, California. The Rolling Stones production manager John Morrison wrote a letter on August 23rd calling out Levi’s Stadium general manager Jim Mercurio for the ridiculous demands. Morrison even asked, “Do you not want touring shows anymore?” Howard Stern revealed a stunning Keith Richards party demand yesterday.

Morrison and Stones security coordinator Michael Wozniak, the city cancelled the concert’s pyrotechnic show, demanded the band’s structural engineer fly in to inspect the stage, costing $6,000, and they wouldn’t let stadium catering feed the band. Mick Jagger was recently hit by ‘sad news.’

“Then the no pyro at the last minute, when our pyrotechnician has done countless shows in the stadium as well as across America for numerous artists, without incident, only to be told if he disobeys the demand from the fire department he would be subject to black listing from the state,” Morrison wrote. “really, is this how you operate?”

He also said, “Your facility is top notch, your staff commendable, and yet each time someone mentions playing Levi’s, we all cringe, knowing that some new rule will be applied to the show just before we either start loading in or before the show. I understand rules and regulations…but the great unknown or random rules makes for a hesitancy on the bookers’ part to play those stadiums.”

City manager Deanna Santana said San Francisco 49ers, which manage and operate Levi’s, “brought issues very late to the city’s attention,” which led to last minute decisions.

Mick Jagger and Slash were brutally mocked by an A-list actor recently. The Rolling Stones fans discussed the sound at 70’s shows in an IORR.org thread. RawIguanaCologne posted, “Would like to know about the sound at shows in the 70s from people who were there… …and would like to share some memories. I mean, especially in comparison to the sound of the After-Steel-Wheels-era…”

HonkyTonkFlash responded, “My first concert was in 1978; stadium show. I was high up in the stands at about the 50 yard line on Keith’s side. Being my first big concert I didn’t have anything to compare it to, but I thought it sounded pretty decent. Volume was not as strong as in later years. When they first came on, I had no clue what the first song was due to the screaming and cheering. Didn’t know it was Let it Rock until I read it int the paper the next day. After the first song, the crowd calmed down and everything else came across loud and clear.”

Mercury News reported details of The Rolling Stones letter.