Steven Tyler ‘Getting Out’ Of Aerosmith Revealed


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler recently took to social media via Instagram to wish his legions of fans a happy New Year, acknowledging that we’re ‘getting out of this year and into a new one’. The Aerosmith singer stated: “Good morning’ glory, hallelujah to you… movin’, we’re getting’ out of this year, movin’ without a doubt into a new year.” Aerosmith reveal why Steven Tyler ‘replaced’ bandmate.

In other news regarding Steven Tyler and Aerosmith, fans recently took to social media to discuss the long-standing impact of one of the group’s most impactful albums – ‘Get Your Wings’. One fan said: “I’ve always liked Aerosmith – the early years and the “comeback” years – but I never owned any of their albums, aside from “Pump” and a Greatest Hits collection. Since getting back into vinyl, over 30 years after I basically abandoned it, I’ve tried to sample music I didn’t already own in other formats. So I purchased some Aerosmith records, including “Get Your Wings,” “Rocks” and “Toys in the Attic.” Boy am I glad I did.”

Steven Tyler ‘bends over’ for surprising young man in photo. The fan continued: “This album? Just wow. Great Rock ‘N Roll, right from the get-go. What a fantastic collection of songs. And this was the band’s sophomore record? It makes me want to kick myself for waiting so long. (The same goes for “Toys” and “Rocks” btw.) This band is SO much more than just the FM and MTV staples. Looks like “Draw the Line” is next on my Aerosmith list.”

While another fan wrote: “A giant leap forward from their debut… this one shows the greatness they were headed for in that era. From the musicianship to the songwriting this one is pretty much flawless front to back with no weak points whatsoever. While not the masterpieces that Toys or Rocks would be it’s a classic masterpiece in its own right from a band that would show massive growth with each consecutive release. A must-have for Aerosmith fans or just fans of heavy music, because this one is their most heavy next to Rocks in my opinion.” Steven Tyler reveals huge ‘size’ to women in photo.