John Lennon Revealed Real ‘Killer’ In Secret Note


Late The Beatles member John Lennon’s official Twitter account sent out the following snippet. The snippet is actually of Lennon quoting from an interview talking about how he believed the United States Army played a role in killing music icon, Elvis Presley.John Lennon’s son recently reveals this awful final photo with dad.

‘When Elvis died, people were harassing me in Tokyo for a comment. Well I’ll give it you now – he died when he went into the Army. That’s when they killed him. That’s when they castrated him. The rest of it was just a living death.’

Yoko Ono leaked a sad John Lennon photo after a shooting. In other news regarding John Lennon and the Beatles, fans recently took to social media to review one of Lennon and the Beatles’ most outstanding works – ‘Let It Be.’ One fan replied: “I felt that Let It Be was great as an almost live lP. I’ve Got A Feeling is such a strong song with its full power of sound. The version of Let It Be is so much better with the louder guitar lead in the middle and at the end. The way Get Back opens with some talk is cool and ends the same way.”

George Harrison unloading on John Lennon hatred was recently revealed. The fan continued: “The opening riff on I Dig A Pony. The beautiful blend of strings on The Long And Winding Road. Two Of Us with the nod to The Everly Brothers. George’s I Me Mine and For You Blue. The only thing I find wrong is the bad pressing. My copy had a little noise at the start of the record and you can see some marks on the lp. The music does sound very good. I bought Let It Be, Abbey Road and The White Album and they all had some kind of noise or dirt and dust on the records with some ruff edges also. There shouldn’t be these problems with new records. My original copy of Let It Be sounds just as good and it is around forty-two years old. I hope they make some better pressings, I won’t buy any more albums until they make better ones.”