Mick Mars Savagely Unloads On Motley Crue Disrespect


Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars has been constantly disrespected on Twitter, as he called out a fraud last week, and despite having tons of followers (293,000) and being a rock icon, he still hasn’t been verified. Mars has now called on Twitter to finally verify him, which as of this writing they still haven’t done. Howard Stern revealed an awful Tommy Lee paycheck last month.

Mars wrote, “Thank you everyone for understanding about this fraudulent account. I’m working on getting verified today. On Twitter, instagram and Facebook. Again, thank you all. Peace. 👽.”

Former Yellowcard bassist Josh Portman tweeted in response, “@mrmickmars Hey, @Twitter. Can we please get this legend verified already?? He’s the f’n guitarist of @MotleyCrue. He’s way more worthy of this than myself and tens of thousands of others! Come on. Just push the button today and make it happen.”

Nikki Sixx called out a massive drug payment last week. Mars later retweeted Mick Rock, “‘The true art of being young is knowing how to defy gravity and upset as many people as possible while doing it. How to penetrate the great secrets of the universe and damn the torpedoes. How to stir the demons of our destiny…’ ‘Dude’ – 1972.”

Motley Crue released their biopic ‘The Dirt’ earlier this year on Netflix, bringing the band back into the spotlight after the broke up in December 2015 after a huge farewell tour. The band reunited last year to record new songs for ‘The Dirt’ soundtrack, including the title track featuring Machine Gun Kelly.