Nikki Sixx Breaks Silence On Motley Crue Reunion Tour


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has addressed the rumors that the group will be touring in 2020. It was previously reported that Motley Crue would reunite for 2020 tour dates following the success of their Netflix biopic ‘The Dirt,’  and that Live Nation had offered a large sum of money for this reunion to take place. A Motley Crue member recently revealed what he did to a babysitter.

However, in the spirit of transparency, the acclaimed bassist for the band tweeted out the following and addressed the situation on his own, as Sixx stated: “We already released all the new songs with the movie and are celebrating the Dr. Feelgood anniversary.”

Steven Tyler taking a brutal shot at a Motley Crue icon was revealed a few days ago. This prompted fans to speculate over Sixx’s tweet. Tim Ross on Twitter mused:

“Hmm. Well, he did say something on his show today about Mötley Crüe releasing something or announcing something very soon.”
Whereas Rick Borousk put: “Perhaps it was a rerun of Eddie Trunk? And Nikki Sixx, I’d like to hear you do something very out of character like Tommy did with Methods. Maybe John 5 has some ideas.”

Fellow Motley Crue fan, Lisa seemed overjoyed at this news as she replied:

Loved ALL the new songs and celebrating the Dr. Feelgood anniversary with you man!!! Green Day is cool too tho.”