Paul McCartney Daughter Insulted On Television

Pic taken by Mary McCartney at the Desert Trip gig the other week that is now doing the rounds - It was her Instagram account - (LtoR - Stella, PMc, Mary) / Source: INTERNET

The Beatles icon Paul McCartney recently filmed a video with his lovely daughters Mary and Stella to promote ‘Meat Free Monday,’ and talk show host Stephen Crowder took a shot at them over the video last week, and said he didn’t even know they were his daughters. McCartney revealed how he went through ‘hell’ splitting with George Harrison and Ringo Starr yesterday.

Crowder said, “Who are those other two [derogatory women term] on there? It’s like they put on a line supervisor.”

He added, “We need someone to fill this out because it’s too white maley, even though it’s the single highest grossing musician of all time. Take the 2nd AD, and just toss her in there. ‘Do I need any makeup?’ ‘No, you’re next to Paul McCartney, nobody is going to notice.’”

Paul McCartney told Stephen Colbert on CBS on Monday night that he often has dreams about John Lennon, and reports of their feud have been overblown. “A lot of the talk was that I was the villain and that John and I didn’t really get on well and I kind of bought into it.”

He said he thinks about Lennon “quite often” and then described his dreams. “I dream about him. When you’ve had a relationship like that for so long, such a deep relationship, I love when people revisit you in your dreams. I often have band dreams. I have a lot of dreams about John.” McCartney’s wife responding to Jimi Hendrix affair rumors was recently detailed.

Colbert said he was intimidated speaking to McCartney due to his legendary status, which doesn’t often happen. McCartney had a humble response.

“I am still that little kid that grew up in Liverpool. I got really famous but I’m here. I’m still that little kid.” He went on to explain that he still doesn’t “believe” the level of fame he has cultivated in his career. “The way I think, just when I’m at home, I’m just slobbing out watching television. It’s kind of ‘him’ and me. Me is me, who was always in this body and the body’s just grown up. Then ‘him’ is like [a] famous guy. He’s very famous.” Ringo Starr was recently spotted with Paul McCartney’s daughter.