Paul McCartney Makes Disturbing George Harrison Claim


Paul McCartney discussed the breakup of The Beatles in a new BBC television interview. While McCartney’s issues with John Lennon are well documented, McCartney and George Harrison were at each other’s throats near the end and could not stand each other. McCartney said this period was ‘difficult’ and compared it to ‘hell.’ Paul McCartney ripped his ‘stupid’ classic releases yesterday.

“I’d been through a very difficult period at the end of the Beatles. It was like hell. But I’d just met this beautiful woman and we were raising a family, so we decided to escape, so we escaped to Scotland and lived a very funky life.”

He also discussed the new book ‘Linda McCartney The Polaroid Diaries’ featuring hundreds of photos his late wife took. Linda died from cancer in 1998 at only 56 years old. Paul’s wife Linda responding to Jimi Hendrix affair rumors was recently detailed.

Paul said about the photos in the book, which are very sentimental for him as his wife has been gone for 21 years, “For us, they’re just family photos but because it’s Linda, a great photographer, they’re little pieces of art.”

Paul and Linda’s daughter Mary McCartney said the pictures showed a “simple” life, where as a baby she had slept in a bed made by her father from old potato boxes.

Mary stated, “There’s a lot of Mum in these pictures.” Paul McCartney also announced on Monday, “👀 First-look at brand new video for @TheBeatles ‘Here Comes The Sun’. Hit the link at the end of the trailer to set a reminder and be one of the first to watch the Worldwide Premiere this Thursday 26th at 9AM PDT / 5PM BST” Ringo Starr was recently spotted with Paul McCartney’s daughter.