Steven Tyler Daughter Reveals ‘Back Rub’ Photo


Steven Tyler‘s daughter, the incomparable Mia Tyler took to social media via Instagram to share this delightful parenthood tip on how to get young kids to stop using their binky pacifiers and how rubbing her child’s back put him right to sleep. Steven Tyler pulled Aerosmith bandmate’s hair in video.

Mia stated: “Got a lot of parents asking about the binky weaning. When Ax turned two I started weaning him. Only using it when he took a nap and at bedtime. He took to it pretty well. Every time he’d ask for it I’d say we only use it for sleeps. I allow him to be a child and naturally grow out of certain things. Now that he’s in school and using his brain in a million new ways, it’s time to break the habit. He’s too young to play games and tell him the binky fairy is bringing it to other kids, or any of those other tricks. I like to be straight with him on some stuff.”

She continued: “So last night it took an hour of him going back and forth from wanting it to forgetting about it. I rubbed his back when he cried to sooth him. After all, they want the binky cuz it soothes them. He woke up two times asking for [a] binky. I ignored his plea and he went back to sleep immediately. This morning while making breakfast, he had found his binky on the floor and alerted me he found it. I told him thank you for finding it and now we can put it away. Because we don’t need binky. And then we thanked it for helping him out all these years.” Steven Tyler also recently offended his daughter by posting this backside photo.

Mia also said how her son’s teacher also implemented her back rub method. “His teacher at school is also using the back rubs and taps method for naps. It’s important to have everyone that’s involved in your child’s care to be in the same boat. I planned this around the weekend so I can have a few full days of helping him get overusing his bink. I’m doing this now because it’s his time. There’s no set time for all children on their path to growing up. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. My Son didn’t start talking until he was two and three months. And it’s because he started going to school and being around other kids doing the same. Kids do things when they are ready to.”

She concluded by writing: “Just be honest with your kids and treat them with respect and things will fall into place. That’s the kind of parenting I’ve always done and it’s worked for us. So far. Anyway, that’s my rant since so many of you asked how I’m doing it. Let’s see how tonight goes.” Joe Perry revealed this brutal Steven Tyler attack in video.