U2 Singer Bono ‘Looks Like Woman’ In New Photo


U2 and Bono superfan Simon Peyda took to social media via Twitter to post this gif an effeminate looking Bono where he stated the following quote. “Goodbye, all you Neo-Nazi’s. I hope they give you Auschwitz”. This gif was to honor Holocaust Remembrance Day which was on January the 27th. Slash calls out Bono for terrible U2 performance.

In other Bono and U2 news, took to the U2 subreddit to recollect their first U2 concert reactions and takeaways. Fellow Reddit user schnelly9 kicked things off by exclaiming: “A friend of mine who is new to U2 music was curious about going with me to a concert but was not sure what it would be like compared to other bands. I’ve been a fan of the band for literally my whole life, so naturally, I have a hard time putting myself in the shoes of people who have never had the “U2 experience” before. For those of you who remember their first U2 concert well, what was different about it, and what was something that you didn’t expect from the concert?” U2 singer Bono sad A-list pedophile secret revealed.

To which MJsdanglebaby responded: “If you’re really excited to see Bono as the legend he is, you’re going to lose your mind the moment you see him and think “it’s him”. I just saw the shows in Aus, 20 years on from my first show in 2001… And still have that thought. He still has that Michael Jackson larger than life aura. Other than that, if you’re close, be prepared for lots of jumping for the fast songs. And the typical tropes of it being like church, religious experience, etc. Never a moment wasted. There’s always something taking your attention from one moment to the next.” U2 singer Bono vicious model ‘insult’ revealed.