AC/DC Singer Reveals Paycheck After Terrible Lawsuit


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson recently discussed Pink Floyd making $135 million after going on tour after Roger Waters took legal action against them. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments from his ‘A Life on the Road’ television series. Angus Young pushing back a bombshell AC/DC announcement was revealed yesterday.

“The Momentary Lapse of Reason tour lasted for 197 shows, and Pink Floyd were the biggest grossing act of 1987 and 1988 combined, pulling in $135 million worldwide. The dynamic had also changed because it was the first Pink Floyd tour without Roger Waters. Because Roger Waters was taking legal action against the band for continuing to use the Pink Floyd name and associated imagery, the band had to modify one of its most famous icons.”

An AC/DC icon revealed how a big name was fired in the studio a few days ago. AC/DC fans discussed Johnson’s bandmate Angus Young’s guitar solo on “All Screwed Up” on recently. MyCubiclePenguin said, “One of my absolute favorite ACDC moments in general. Starting at 2:13, the music slows down a bit, then it builds until Angus just bursts into this brilliant solo with a roaring guitar tone. Then, at 2:39, Brian’s ‘YEAH’ and the following 15 seconds is one of the best things I’ve ever heard – period. Rudd’s thumping mixed with Mal’s rhythm and Angus’ marvelously bluesy soloing/guitar tone is orgasmic. The entirety of the song isn’t as amazing, but f*** me if this part doesn’t make me wanna listen to it over and over.”

TheRudder responded, “This is why AC/DC is my favourite band. That capacity of turning up and down the intensity… and when you think they gave all they had… there’s always more! In almost all songs there’s a point around half the song where.. they turn up the intensity, they seems to say, ‘OK, stop joking now, let’s get serious.’ Greatest band of all times.”

Venom Injector chimed in, “It’s funny that when the album came out I didn’t like this song much. Now it’s one of my favourite on SUL. It overstays its welcome a little (slightly too long in the final part) but still it’s a great song and the middle part is quite unusual for them and well-thought. Solo section also is nice.”

Briany wrote, “Classic guitar solo from Angus. Short and sweet. In the right place, with a nice buildup. That tremolo picking he does before launching into the solo proper is like the snarl before the lunge.” An AC/DC icon unloaded on a drug meltdown recently.