Metallica Reveal Creepy James Hetfield 2020 Photo


Metallica legend Kirk Hammett recently posted a photo of James Hetfield for the first time in 2020! Hammett shared the photograph via Instagram and the photo itself is of Hetfield and Hammet jamming prior to a concert event. Hammett took to Instagram to say this about the photo: “Creepin’ around the edges…” You can view the photo below. Metallica bassist reveals if James Hetfield fired him.

In other news regarding Metallica and James Hetfield, fans recently took to the subreddit of the group to discuss the band’s upcoming plans in the new year. One fan and Reddit user wrote: “2021 IS GOING TO BE CRAZY! 40th anniversary of the band and 30th anniversary of The Black Album. I’m very hyped for the black album box set (hoping it includes Live Shit: Binge and Purge San Diego ‘92). Also super excited to see what Metallica will do for their 40th birthday.” Metallica ‘lose’ singer After James Hetfield drama.

To which another fan wrote: “Pure Shit and Binge won’t be rereleased because it was already released in 1992 and may get a separate remaster.”

This led the original poster of the topic in hand, KeithMiller1996 to respond by saying: “I’m honestly just hoping they put the San Diego Shit and Binge on Spotify at least, really wanna listen to that one while traveling and stuff.

Metallica bassist unloads on bad Dave Mustaine ripoff.  One fan speculated about the release of the new Metallica album, to which a user known as Stereotype_Metal stated: “I think it’s been pushed to 2022, but I’m not sure. I hope that so we get some good music videos and a well thought out album.