Mick Jagger Brutal Michael Jackson Disrespect Revealed


The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger ranked ahead of Michael Jackson on a new Rolling Stone magazine top 100 singers of all time list. Jagger came in at number 16, while Jackson came in at 25, and many fans on Twitter were unhappy with Jagger coming in so high and Jackson not cracking the top 20. Mick Jagger struggled to pay a bill in a newly surfaced photo.

Pumpkin Nuggets tweeted, “So once again everyone has fallen for the Rolling Stone top 100 list trick again. They do this all the time – make ridiculous picks as a publicity stunt. Get used to it and quit bickering on twitter. They’re just like an older brother, looking to get a response out of you.”

PHAROAHE MONCH said, “I looked at this list of Rolling Stones top 100 singers of all time and thought….why fo you took the cock out of Joe Cocker, ain’t that is his name? *1960’s deep souf accent. Then I thought, why fo you ain’t put no Chaka Khan? *also 1960’s deep souf accent.”

Mick Jagger’s daughter was recently busted making out with a big name. Omnes viae Putin ducunt wrote, “Born of the hippie era via a name stolen from Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger, then enhanced by Woodstock and Hunter S. Thompson, @RollingStone Magazine ultimately became, like its founder, Jann Wenner, a Hall of Fame parvenu. Crap. [Aside: Is it still in print?]”

GoddessCamillaEnchantrix chimed in, “Who the fuck put that Rolling Stone list together?!? Mick Jagger’s vocals do not rival Donny, Luther, Tina Turner or Gladys Knight. They tried it…”

Peace Warrior said, “How the heck could Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross be so low on this list. Mariah too? All below Bob Dylan really??? Bob Dylan is in your top 10…anyway it’s a Rolling Stones list 😏 list of top singers should never include BD.” Mick Jagger was devastated by sad news earlier this month.