The Rolling Stones Icon Allegedly Got ‘Drunk’ With Teen Girl


The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood was accused of having been caught with a drunk 18-year old girl before getting sober by his ex-wife Jo Wood in a new The Times interview.

“It’s been 11 years since Jo Wood’s long marriage to Ronnie Wood – they wed in 1985 – broke up and she stepped out of what she calls ‘the Rolling Stones bubble.’ Ronnie Wood’s debauchery hit a new low when he came home like a ragged old tom cat with a drunk 18-year-old girl in tow. In 2011, he cleaned up, then got married again and had a new family. Now, finally, aged 64, it’s Jo Wood’s turn. She’s officially in love: ‘My lovely Carl. He’s just lovely!’ she says, almost purring.

Keith Richards wanting an older woman to take drug was recently revealed. Joe added, ‘It’s so great. He’s different from anybody else. He’s down to earth. He loves me, I know he does, and that’s what’s so nice. I don’t think he’d do anything to ruin what we’ve got because he’s that sort of guy, very loyal. [At the moment] I’m happy as we are; I don’t need to get married again. But you can never say never.'”

Crumbling_mice suggested on the board that he doesn’t want The Rolling Stones to release their rumored new album, “Perhaps it’s best not to have an album of ‘new’ material…they pulled it off with B&L and that was because they picked classic blues songs and whilst they obviously couldn’t improve on the originals, they managed to do some acceptable covers.

I seriously doubt that they could write a new album’s worth of good material and the likely outcome will be some bad pop/rock and/or formulaic blues songs. B&L is the perfect album to say thanks and goodbye.”

Mick Jagger partying with Brad Pitt was just revealed. Crumbling_mice added, “We are all huge fans of the band, but if we are brutally honest with ourselves, when was the last great Stones song written…I’d say Love is Strong and that’s being very generous with the word great, before that then we have to go way back through the mists of time…way back.

If they are still wanting to go back in the studio and on the road, then why not stick to cover songs for any new recordings, maybe turn their attentions to some country stuff and delta blues?

I wouldn’t want their last album to be anything as awful as ABB, this band has been with me for decades and their songs have seen me through some real hard years. THey don’t owe me anything, or any other fans for that matter and I’d like to think the last output was a return to their roots…seems the album charts don’t lie.”

You can read the full interview at The Times.