Ozzy Osbourne ‘Turned Down’ By A-List Actor In Video


Jim Breuer doesn’t want to be thrashing with ‘Ozzy Osbourne‘ anytime soon. In this humorous video put together by Jim Breuer and his team, the SNL legend hilariously tuns away this so-called ‘Prince of Darkness’ for wanting to thrash with him, telling him to go back home to Sharon. You can view it below. Ozzy Osbourne made out with this woman at a restaurant last week.

In other news regarding Ozzy Osbourne, the ‘Ozzman’s’ latest single ‘Straight To Hell’ was recently released via YouTube and fans have been clamoring to react to the latest Osbourne track.  Ozzy ‘begging’ for money was revealed not too long ago.

William wrote: “I absolutely love this new song “Straight To Hell”!! This is one of your best songs in years, and even better than the first single. This totally rules. This is a total jam!

Shawn proclaimed: “An awesome song reminds me of a lot of ‘Junkie’. I’m honestly hoping the album has a similar feel to down to Earth because it was the album that got me into Ozzy years ago.”

Dick wrote: “This track reminded me of the Black Sabbath stuff you have done in the past. I’m gonna buy your album on vinyl do you have the box done Ozzy? make your new album CD/DTS mixed DVD or bluray/vinyl box set.”

One person, however, wasn’t as pleased with what he heard as Eduardo replied: “Once again or possessed Ozzy passing a message of Satan through the music. That is what the devil wants to do to you. Ozzy is a traitor to the human race. Lucifer was a musician in the sky and knows how to seduce with music. Open your spiritual eyes before these lyrics become an eternal reality in your life.” Ozzy Osbourne recently took a vicious shot at his wife.