Paul McCartney Disrespected On Date With Big Name


Over on Twitter recently, Paul McCartney superfan Asael Grande posted the following video snippet of Sir Paul at the Super Bowl, along with his wife, the incomparable Nancy Shevell. In the video clip, you can see McCartney getting asked way too many questions than what he would like during the moment and playfully shooing a fan away. You can view this below. Paul McCartney caught ‘grabbing’ young woman at beach.

In other news regarding Paul McCartney, fans recently took to the Beatles subreddit to discuss and debate what is the ‘Fab Four’ co-founder’s most heartfelt love song. Min2themax stated: “Every night. While not the most sweeping and emotional one – to me, it feels more like what marriage and love is like. Sure those big beautiful holy-shit-I-love-you moments exist, but for the most part, it’s just about wanting to be with that person all the time, no matter what you’re feeling. I always think of my wife when I hear it. There’s nothing I could do and nowhere I could be that wouldn’t be made better if she was there with me. That’s the vibe I get from Every Night. And the big sweeping holy-shit-i-love-you is definitely Maybe I’m Amazed.” Paul McCartney ‘losing voice’ at concert revealed.

StabTheTank mentioned: “Confidante. Yeah, that’s right, the song about his guitar. Before Linda, before The Beatles, before John, there was his guitar. And here’s this man, in his 70’s, confessing that everything in his life has been in disarray at one point or another, but his guitar was the one constant. Take a listen, imagine every time Paul says “you” that he’s talking about a woman – he says things to that guitar that is more heartfelt than anything he ever said to any person in his other songs. Paul McCartney recently leaks ‘gross’ George Harrison photo.